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The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and The Pirate's League on the Disney Fantasy

Disney Cruise Line will not leave anything out of your vacation. You'll never miss out on the magic and pixie dusting when sailing on the Disney Fantasy because your little girl can be transformed into a princess at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and your little boy can become a pirate at The Pirate's League, for which I will outline in the latter half of this post. In fact, everyone can become a pirate over at The Pirate's League.

Photo: The Walt Disney Company
Photo: Disney Cruise Line

Your own Fairy Godmother in training will greet your child and will create a transformation of magical proportions. You can select one of many treatment options, such as: Disney Diva, Pop Princess or Fairy Tale Princess. All of the Princess costumes are available and come complete with the wand, shoes and crown. There are also a variety of costumes available which are exclusive to Disney Cruise Line such as: Captain Mickey Mouse, Princess Minnie Mouse, and First Mate Minnie Mouse. The boutique also offers special Under the Sea  Packages.
The Fairy Godmother in Training
Photo: Disney Cruise Line


 Makeover Packages Exclusive to the Disney Fantasy (pricing subject to change):

  • The Under the Sea Package transforms little cruisers into little mermaids with a two-piece swimsuit, “mermaid tail” wrap, vibrant sunblock, Del Sol floral clip, necklace and nail polish – $99.95
Photo: Inside the Magic
  • The Disney Fantasy Package includes a fluffy tutu with Disney Fantasy and Disney Cruise Line logos subtly printed into the gold ribbon around the hem. A fitted graphic T-shirt with a stylish sparkly design topped off with a puffy headband – $119.95
Photo: Castle Dreams Travel

  • The Royal Sea Package is dedicated to every little girl who ever dreamed of becoming a princess. This deluxe package comes complete with a Princess Royal Rolling Trunk, PLUS three makeover experiences (Castle, Under the Sea & Pirate), a boutique frame with a photo of the Fairy Godmother and a keepsake glass slipper with a ribbon necklace from Cinderella’s helpers - $595.00
Photo: The Mouse for Less
  • Other cruise exclusive packages include Princess Minnie Mouse and First Mate Minnie Mouse and Captain Mickey Mouse.
Photo: Inside the Magic

Photo: The Mouse for Less

Standard Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Coach, Crown and Castle Packages are also available:
  • Coach – Choice of hair style, shimmering makeup, face gem, cinch sack and princess sash - $54.95
  • Castle - All elements of the Coach Package PLUS nail polish – $59.95
  • Crown - All elements of the Castle Package PLUS choice of costume and coordinating wand, tiara and shoes – $184.85

The Pirates League on the Disney Fantasy

On Pirate Party night, the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is transformed into The Pirates League, where swashbuckling boys, girls and grownups can get pirate-like makeovers. There are currently two pirate packages available at The Pirates League on the Disney Fantasy:
  • Applications of beards and bandanas, swords and scars, earrings and eye patches are done with the savvy skill of veteran pirates who share their own tales of sea-sailing adventures. After reciting a sacred pirate oath, shipmates and scoundrels are turned loose on their pirate vessel – $34.95 for ages 3 & up (includes adults!)
Photo: Disney Cruise Line Blog

Photo: Disney Cruise Line Blog
Photo: Inside the Magic
Photo: Inside the Magic
Photo: The Mouse for Less

  • For children, a full pirate makeover is available with the First Mate package for boys including bandana, scars, fake teeth, eye patch sword and more. For girls, an outfit available only on the Disney ship is the Empress which includes a Disney Cruise Line exclusive dress, shimmering makeup, face gem, nail polish, earring, eye patch sword and more - $99.95

*Reservations are strongly recommended as The Pirates League is only open on the day of the special Pirate's Night theme.


  1. Thanks for the information. We're sailing on the Fantasy next summer. I had no idea there were different packages available. Thinking of doing the Under the Sea.

  2. How exciting for you Lisa!

    Be sure to book your reservation through the Planning Center on the Disney Cruise Line website, once your booking window opens up and don't forget to bring your camera, you're in for very special memories!

    Enjoy your cruise!

  3. Having done both the BBB and the PL on land, it would be so cool to do it at sea ( well, for the kids anyway). Thanks for all the fantastic information Jackie!!


  4. Glad to find the photos of the hot pink suitcase!


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