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Family Fun with Disney Cruise Line

When it comes to entertainment, Disney Cruise Line does it best. People think taking a Disney cruise is just for kids. I disagree. A lot of focus and planning has gone into entertaining children of all ages. It's all about discovering your inner youth and holding on to it.

Family activites are plentiful on all four ships, leaving plenty of time for everyone to go off and have experiences and relaxation and loads of fun on their own. We can't crowd each other, after all.

Deck Parties:

From the moment you board the ship the festivities begin and a deck party awaits you. It's called, the Sail Away Celebration and you'll find it on the pool deck. Be prepared to dance and cheer as you meet many Disney Characters and Crew.


On a special night of your cruise be prepared to don your pirate attire because the whole ship transforms into a pirate ship for preparation for Pirates Night. All the sit down restaurants are specially themed, have fun activities and you'll get some unique offerings too. I'm not going to spoil that for you.

Pirates IN the Caribbean Deck Party
Photo: JackiePsarianos

After dinner, be prepared to head up to the pool deck for the Pirates IN the Caribbean Deck Party, where you'll find a live, high energy stage show featuring Captain Jack Sparrow and friends. Following that, stay right there because the party will turn into a dance party, with a full late evening buffet and Buccaneer Blast Fireworks at Sea. Yes, real fireworks, Disney style!
Buccaneer Blast
Photo: Disney Cruise Line/ Disney Parks Blog

Live Stage Shows:

Disney knows entertainment. Be prepared for some of the best Broadway-style Disney live stage shows throughout your cruise, over at the lavish Walt Disney Theatre. I will list them and which ships you can find them on. As always, things are subject to change.
Disney Wishes-Disney Fantasy
Photo: Disney Cruise Line/

-All Aboard: Let the Magic Begin (Disney Magic)
-Disney's Believe (Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy)
-Disney's Aladdin- A Musical Spectacular (Disney Fantasy)
-Disney Dreams- An Enchanted Classic (Disney Magic, Disney Wonder)
-The Golden Mickey's (Disney Wonder, Disney Dream)
-Disney Wishes (Disney Fantasy)
-Remember the Magic: a Final Farewell (Disney Magic)
-Toy Story- The Musical (Disney Wonder)
-Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story (Disney Magic)
-Villains Tonight (Disney Magic, Disney Dream)
The Golden Mickey's
Photo: Disney Cruise Line/ Disney Parks Blog

Character Meet and Greets:

Wait until you see all the Characters walking around the ship, stopping for a quick hello and photo, have your camera ready or don't worry a photographer is there too. Lots of photo packages fitting every budget are available through Disney Cruise Line.

Cinderella Meet and Greet, Atrium Lobby
Photo: Disney Cruise Line/ Disney Parks Blog

Captain Mickey, Pamela and Andrew, Atrium Lobby, Disney Dream
Photo: JackiePsarianos
Check your Personal Navigator for times and locations everyday, which on the ship could happen just about anywhere but most likely in the Atruim Lobby, or on Castaway Cay usually near the Gangway, the Post Office or near Cookies BBQ. You can also check from your stateroom phone for character meets by dialing, 7-PALS.


Disney created an industry first with their rotational dining with a serving team that follows you on each night. Each ship has three distinctively themed dining rooms and you might even get to dine in the same restaurant multiple times depending on the length of your cruise. Your serving team consists of two people. One who takes care of drinks and beverages and the other who takes care of your food. Let them know your preferences at the beginning of the cruise and you'll never have to ask again. Everything will be just the way you like it.
Animator's Palate, Disney Fantasy
Photo: Disney Cruise Line/
Royal Court, Disney Fantasy
Photo: Disney Cruise Line/ Disney Parks Blog
Parrot Cay, Disney Wonder
Photo: JackiePsarianos


There are three main pools all located on the same deck. The all Adult Pool is for people eighteen and over and secluded from excitement and noise. The Family Pool is surrounded by quick service eateries and beside the giant Funnel Vision screen which plays Disney movies all day long. The Mickey Pool is for younger children and has the famous Mickey slide.
Mickey Slide and Pool, Disney Dream
Photo: JackiePsarianos

On the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy you'll also find another industry first, being the longest water coaster at sea, the AquaDuck. Here you can ride in pairs. This is a big crowd pleaser. As well, a really fun, interactive activity is The Midship Detective Agency using LCD screens and special bar coded cards which send you looking for clues all over the ship!

Photo: Disney Cruise Line/

The Midship Detective Agency--Muppet Adventure Game, The Case of the Stolen Show
Photo: Disney Cruise Line/ Disney Parks Blog


All four ships have the elegant Buena Vista Theatre which shows first run Disney movies as well as other Disney movies all day long. Check your Personal Navigator for movies and times.  They even have popcorn and other favorite movie munchies. Snack away.

Buena Vista Theatre
Photo: Disney Cruise Line/

This is just the beginning as there are many activities aboard all four ships for families from Family Karaoke, to Who Wants to be a Mouseketeer to dance parties. The fun keeps sailing and sailing.



  1. SO much to do Jackie- I think I need a month-long Disney cruise! Thanks for whetting our appetites!!

    1. Thank you for reading my post. I agree, lots to do and a month would be sheer paradise.

  2. The more I see, hear and read about DCL the more I want to go on one!! You are killing me Jackie, LOL :-) I can't wait to hear and see all about your latest sailing later this month. I am sure it will be just as magical ♥



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