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Disney Cruise Line Transportation to Port Canaveral

Disney doesn't just offer vacations leaving you to your own vices after booking. Disney encompasses the entire experience of superior customer service. 

As soon as you book your cruise with Disney Cruise Line, let the fun begin, but most importantly, the pre-planning and organization is incredibly easy on their website, found at
Disney Cruise Line offers transportation to and from Orlando International Airport and Port Canaveral, as well as Walt Disney World resort. What we do is a land stay, then the cruise, followed by a land stay. Disney Cruise Line transportation accommodates us with no hassle and even gets us to the port in time for lunch on the ship.

Approximately one month prior to sailing, you will receive your Disney Cruise Line booklet, containing all your personal travel information,  booked excursions, stateroom details, transportation luggage tags and Onboard Airline Check-In details and request form.

Be sure to look through this booklet carefully, because it contains all pertinent information related to your vacation.

I also recommend that you pack a day bag. Inside this bag you can put anything that you will need for your first afternoon on the ship. Reason being, you will be free to do what you enjoy while you wait for your luggage to arrive in your stateroom (usually between 3-4 p.m.) We usually include any medications, hats, travel documents, cameras, sunscreens that we might need to make our afternoon more fun. Don't worry about towels, they are provided and the towel stations are located near all the pools. Just make sure this day bag complies with the airline carry on baggage rules.

Once you arrive at Orlando International, by-pass luggage claim and  proceed to Side B, Level 1 Ground Transportation level, which will be Disney's Magical Express Welcome Center, also hosting Disney Cruise Line motorcoach transportation.

International guests have to go to baggage claim, retrieve their luggage, go through Customs and Immigration and then proceed with their luggage to Disney's Magical Express Welcome Center.


If you are staying at a Disney resort before your cruise, then proceed to the regular Magical Express Check-In. If you have pre-arranged your Disney Cruise Line transportation to follow your land stay, then you'll need to locate the Disney Cruise Line desk in the main lobby of your resort and check in with the Disney Cruise Line representative there, who'll give you all the information for your cruise departure.

Not all Disney resorts are on the Disney Cruise Line motor coach transportation route, thus, you'll be instructed which Disney resort you need to get to on the day of your cruise in  order to board the motor coach to Port Canaveral. This arrangement should be dealt with before you leave home, so that you are well aware of which Disney resort to go to along with your own luggage in tow. Bell Services at your resort will assist you in getting to the pick up resort, be sure to pre-arrange this with the resort Bell Services.

 This is the Disney Cruise Line desk in the main lobby of the Grand Floridian. Check the desk operating hours, as the attendant has special hours.
On the day of your cruise from a Disney resort, you'll be asked to have your luggage ready by 8:00 a.m. where Bell Services will make sure it gets to Port Canaveral. Make sure you place your Disney Cruise Line luggage tags on because that will assist the Cast Members. Once your luggage arrives at Port Canaveral, the Cast Members will know which stateroom your luggage needs to get to. The luggage tags have your family name on them as well as your stateroom number.
Disney Cruise Line motor coach will transport you to Cape Canaveral in about one hour and fifteen minutes. If you're leaving from a Disney resort, they'll expect to see you gather in the main lobby by 10:00 a.m. and you'll be on the bus leaving by 11:00 a.m. There will be a Disney Cruise Line representative there to see that all goes smoothly. Departure times from Disney resorts does vary.
The motor coach is equipped with a restroom, air-conditioning and television screens playing introductory cruising videos featuring Mickey, Minnie and friends.


All good things, unfortunately, must come to an end, but Disney Cruise Line will help you get home easily. 
Guests residing in the United States are eligible for the Onboard Airline Check-In service from the cruise ship. Check the back of your Cruise Booklet and fill out the required form and hand it in to the attendant at the port when you first check in. Do give Disney Cruise Line a call to check that your domestic airline is on their list of airlines accommodating this service. You can also arrange for the Onboard Airline Check-In while sailing a few days before the end of the cruise, where Guest Services will also print out Boarding Passes.
Basically what this service does is the following:
You will receive your boarding passes and check your luggage for your return flight before you disembark the ship,
It allows you to skip luggage claim at the port terminal at the end of your cruise, and it further enables you to bypass the airline check-in counter at the airport and will be able to go directly to the security check point.
Preparing for disembarkation day using the Onboard Airline Check-In Program:

The day before disembarkation, your airline boarding passes and valet luggage tags will be delivered to your stateroom, along with a letter of instructions and answers to common questions.

You will have to attach the tags to your luggage and leave your bags outside your stateroom on the evening prior to disembarkation. They request that you have your luggage out by eleven p.m. the night before.

Be sure to pack that day bag again containing whatever you might need for the airport.

Disney Cruise Line will collect and deliver your luggage to your airline. All you have to do when you arrive at the airport is to proceed to security with your boarding passes and continue on to your scheduled departure gate.

Preparing for disembarkation without Onboard Airline Check-In Program:

One day prior disembarkation, you will be provided with Disney, oval luggage tags with a Disney character on them. Place your name and address on them and attach them to your baggage handles.

That character is there for an important reason. On disembarkation day, you'll need to go down to the terminals luggage claim and retrieve your own luggage from that character section. There are many attendants there to assist you with your luggage. If you need more of these special luggage tags, they have them on deck three, mid-ship on long tables near the main elevators on each side of the lobby near Guest Services.

These are the luggage tags with the different characters on them designating your particular baggage area in the port terminal.

Cruising with Disney Cruise Line is exceptional and far above the industry standard for family oriented cruises in my opinion. Right from the beginning, Disney makes it as comprehensive and convenient as possible, giving the guest complete control of decision making, which I believe is crucial to planning a stress-free, and  memorable vacation, enabling family members of all ages to come together and have a magical cruise.

All of the photographs are my own.

Once again.....and it really does happen to you....


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    1. Thank you kindly for taking the time to read my post and for your positive opinion.
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  3. I've been dealing with a conundrum.... maybe you can help. We are doing a WDW/Disney Cruise in July. We'll first be doing 6 nights at a WDW resort hotel and then a 3-night cruise on the Disney Dream. We were hoping to take the shuttle--after the cruise--back to the WDW resort hotel, leave our bags with bell services for the day, and then take the Magical Express to the airport (our flight home doesn't leave until 6:30 p.m.--which would make for a LOOOOONG day at the airport if we went straight there after disembarkation). Is this even possible or will be basically be forced with only having the option of taking the shuttle to the airport? Thanks!

  4. Hi there and thank you for reading my post!
    I think going back to Walt Disney World is a great idea, and you'll be able to do all that you suggested after the cruise. All you need to arrange is for the Magical Express to pick you up from whichever Disney resort you're headed to after the cruise. Keep in mind that the Magical Express will be picking you up from your Disney resort at least two hours before your domestic flight. This gives you a decent amount of time to visit your favorite park one last time. I was even tempted to suggest that you extend your flight (if possible) for one day to give you an entire day back at Walt Disney World after your cruise.
    I hope you have a wonderful vacation and once again, thank you for taking the time to read my post.
    Best regards,

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