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Wilderness Lodge Lobby..Simply Put...Incredible!

Camping? Outdoors? Mosquitos? Poison Ivy? Poison Oak? Communal Restrooms? Port -a- Pots? Air Mattresses? Wilderness?
Oh yeah, now you've really got my attention. I will admit to not liking waking up wet from the damp, covered in bug bites and just stinkin'....noooooo....I'll make the best of where I am but I too have my limits and now having experienced Disney's Wilderness Lodge, who needs a tent? I'll walk around the authentically reproduced Great American Northwest National Park lodge thank you and I'll go have a geyser experience over at Fire Rock Geyser which is exactly like being over at Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park...thank you very much.
The plume of water here shoots up 120 feet, wow!!
When you check into the Wilderness Lodge, ask the Cast Member about the Wilderness Lodge Flag Family daily event. We've never done that, but plan to. From the reports I've read, if you're chosen, then you and your family are escorted to the roof of the Wilderness Lodge to raise the five flags.......very early in the morning. The five flags represented are: Two Wilderness Lodge flags, the Florida State flag, the American flag and the Walt Disney World Flag. You have to put a request for this when you check into the Wilderness Lodge.
The five flags grace the top of the center building.
 Then, I can go and be served a hot American style breakfast, and not worry about table manners over at Whispering Canyon Cafe, where I can hoot and holler and even pick my teeth (I really wouldn't do that). Just a small tip: ask for some Ketchup here. Yup, that's outdoorsy enough for me...thank you very much.

The Skillet Breakfast.
Then, after walking around the place and soaking up all that forestry and authentically replicated Native American and early American pioneer cultures, I head out for a controlled Trail Ride at Fort Wilderness and wave at the people who really want to sleep in RV's, tents and log cabins and give them a wave and a smile, all the while looking forward to my pampered dinner over at Artist's Point while overlooking the waterfalls, creeks and bends, sitting at my air-conditioned table eating a divine meal free of bugs, and grubs and critters. Yup, that about sums it all up in my run on sentence all said in one breath.

Thank you DisneyParksBlog for the photo.
At this resort, it's the lobby I love. Rooms are great, but I love the lobby. Heck, you'll have a tough time peeling me off those mighty rocking chairs to get over to Magic Kingdom. I'm a resort freak too!
I even ask for a room overlooking the lobby. I'm nosey about what others are doing. I'll sit and watch folks and try to figure out what they're all happy or upset about. Yup, that's me and I look for people to chat with. I want to know how long they're vacationing for, where else they're staying, are they going on a Disney cruise? How many past visits? Yes, I'm nosey and I can't wait to tell them about my now 24 WDW, DL trips and heading for the ninth Disney cruise. Well, that cruise next August, is to help ease the pain of turning 49. I won't mind the hooplah there and I'll even smile for the Photopass photographer too.

That's our room, overlooking the lobby, won't have it any other way.

The rocker right outside our room. Rocking chair + Autistic son in motion= Bliss
That lobby is just plain incredible! They recreated the lodges from the Great American Northwest National Park lodge and made the resort monumental when building Wilderness Lodge. Disney then, as always, went five extra miles ahead by using Lodgepole Pine, 85 loads of the wood might I add in order to build that magnificent lobby.

Here above you can see the teepee chandeliers, suspended from Lodgepole Pine beams, made of rawhide with Indian motif designs. Each chandelier has bronze silhouettes of buffalo and horse and rider designs, and each chandelier weighs over 600 pounds.

 These hardwood floors all with inlaid wood, made from pine, Brazilian cherry, and birds eye maple produce a stunning design of patterns.

This rambling hot spring, is actually the Headwater of Silver Creek and feeds right into the Silver Creek Pool and then into Bay Lake, provides a great respite after a busy day. Can you guess where that fella is headed?

The towering fireplace inspired by the Mary Coulter Geologic Fireplace at the Bright Angel Lodge, Grand Canyon.
The Humphrey the Bear Totem Pole in front of the Mercantile. A replica sits atop my fireplace at home and I just love it!
What a great place to shop for outdoorsy type Disney themed clothing and souvenirs and they even have a very large snack area in the back of the store too!! Now I feel like a real outdoorsperson.
One of the two enormous totem poles flanking either side of the lobby. These totem poles are 55 feet tall and are named by the animals that crown them, the Eagle and the Raven. These Totem Poles represent the Native Americans of the Northwest because they were able to trace their lineage back to the Raven Clan and the Eagle Clan. Preeminent totem pole artists as well as Native American historians were commissioned to depict Native American myths, legends, culture and stories through the use of carved animal motifs.
They patiently wait while I indulge myself in lobby activities.

Now this fireplace deserves an honorable mention. This fireplace stands at a magnificent 85 feet tall and is a inspired by Mary Coulter's Geologic Fireplace at the Bright Angel Lodge at the Grand Canyon. The different layers of the fireplace represent the different rock strata of the Grand Canyon. All a learning lesson, just look for the descriptive plaques beside the fireplace and on the floor in front.

This railroad hand car right at the base of the quieter section of Whispering Canyon Cafe. You'll pass it on your way down to Roarin' Forks, the Pin Cart and the DVC desk. Hand cars were operated by two people pushing and pulling the handles and these were used for railway repairs, I'll pass on that job thank you.

Walt's passion for trains and things is everywhere on property, which reminds me, head over to the Disney Vacation Club Villas at Wilderness Lodge you'll be pleased to see two of Walt's actual train cars from his Carolwood Pacific Railroad that were donated by Walt's daughter.
 The story says that Walt used to pull these train cars behind his own engine called the Lillie Belle, named after his wife Lillian Disney. So head on over to the Carolwood Room over at the DVC Villas, you can relax, play chess or checkers or some cards after checking out the train cars.

The Carolwood Room in the Wilderness Lodge Villa lobby.

Walt's own train cars from his Carolwood Railway.

Head upstairs to the fourth floor of the main lobby and hang out in the quieter fireside living rooms.
Don't forget to make some noise on your way to the Disney bus transportation stop.
Next time you're over at the Concierge Desk, just look beneath the counter and you'll see these guys.
I just ♥♥♥♥Disney!
There is never a dull moment in this lobby, be it the whopping fun over at Whispering Canyon Cafe or watching the rambling hot spring right from inside the main lobby, shopping at the Mercantile to just sitting on the huge, comfy chairs in the lobby where a slumber is in order and cannot be avoided. This lobby is magnificent and I believe there's nothing like it in the whole world. I've been to some with the indoor waterslides and their lobbies pale, pale, pale by comparison.....they're competing with Disney Imagineering after all!
All photographs are my own unless otherwise noted.

Walt Disney Imagineers did it again!


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