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Disney's Grand Floridian

Getting off the Monorail at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, sends you into a world of Victorian elegance and charm. Once those double sliding doors glide open, you step on the beautiful mosaic marbled floor and fall into a calm and serenity like no other.

This is what greets you as you enter the upper lobby as you get off the Monorail.

Adorable appointments throughout of characters and special moments.

The beautiful marble mosaic floor in the lobby.
Look no further than your right and you are enamored by the beautifully appointed gift shop, M. Mouse Mercantile, with treasures for children of all ages and I mean all of us children.


The pleasant aromas drift over from Basin where you are invited to sample those delicious scrubs and lotions. We never leave without something here and savour the creams, soaps and lotions back home.

Basin at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.
Are you a Lilly Pulitzer fan? Then send your mate off to Commander Porter's where he can shop for golfer's clothes while you bask and shop at Summer Lace. You'll find the ever so popular Dooney and Bourke handbags here too.
Over at the Ivy Trellis Salon and Spa, pampering, and treatments await allowing you to unwind from an exciting day at the theme parks. You come out refreshed and invigorated in time for your momentous evening at Victoria and Albert's, the crown and jewel restaurant on the entire property. Here, you'll select one of three Fixed Prix menus, placing you in one of the respective dining rooms and be prepared for an experience of a lifetime.
Basking on the main floor of the Grand Floridian lobby will transport you to a Victorian world of elegance and splendor. Many a little girl pretends to be a Princess on the Grand Staircase at this resort, who can blame them. As well, many brides pose for their photos here too as they prepare to board their Glass Coach, all with footmen and white horses in preparation for transport to the Wedding Pavillion close by. All in a magical, enchanting world, created by the Imagineers at Walt Disney Company.
                           The Grand Staircase at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.
                                   Can you imagine riding in this wearing your gown?    
The Wedding Pavillion over looking Seven Seas Lagoon, with a direct view of Cinderella Castle in the background. Can you imagine getting married here?   
In the centre of the main lobby, on the ground level and sometimes on the second floor, you hear the soothing sounds emanating from the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra which permeate the entire lobby in a serene comforting manner.
Gaze over at the massive Victorian lift elevator which is in working order and watch it glide people up and down to their destination. It's so beautiful and very true to form.
The lift transports guests from the ground floor of the lobby to the Monorail level. Enjoy!
Containing real birds, in keeping with proper Victorian tradition. No elements of detail are left behind.
Gaze upward towards the ceiling and you'll see beautiful chandeliers and three very ornate, Rose-like, stained-glass windows.

 A world of magic, Victorian elegance will leave you always wanting more as the Imagineers at Disney captured the true essence and character of this beautiful period in time. Before you leave this resort you must go to the ground floor and stop and say hello to dear, dear Richard, a very sweet, kind gentle soul, who makes everyone feel welcome and special, regardless if you're a guest at this resort or simply visiting.
Sweet Dear Richard, we always look so forward to greeting him.
I really want to get into all the detail about Christmas at this magnificent resort but really, that deserves a post all on its' own. The decorations with the lush, bountiful garlands, the spectacular massive Christmas Tree, and the ever popular, life-size Gingerbread House that adorn the main lobby are simply out of this world.
 A sneak, little peak at the wonder of Christmas at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Stay tuned!                                                                                                 



  1. Wonderful photo blog post Jackie! I absolutely love the Grand Floridian and you have done it justice!



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