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Shop 'till You Drop at Walt Disney World Resort!

Shop ‘till You Drop

Staying on property makes shopping in Walt Disney World a breeze. You can use your Key to the World card for charging and don’t have to worry about carrying money around. Shopping at any store at the theme parks and Downtown Disney  allows  you the convenience of having your parcels sent back to your resort, where they’ll be waiting for you at your resort gift shop, simply present your receipt. Or, if you like, the store will ship your merchandise home for a very reasonable fee. Some stores charge shipping amounts by the total bill and others charge by weight. Sometimes, especially with those large, bulky souvenirs, it’s best to have Disney package them securely and have them shipped home, where you’ll have something to look forward to upon your return.

Each theme park has an assortment of gift shops with different themes according to the section it’s in, and there is always an assortment to fit all budgets and tastes, believe me there’s something for everyone. If there is something that you missed, you can always order on-line at where they carry all of the theme park items. Each theme park has a special, large store and a few popular ones which I will high light for you. At Magic Kingdom you cannot miss The Emporium which is the largest gift shop in this park and you’ll float about in the many conveniently themed sections for everyone in your family, The Main Street Confectionary is the best bake shop ever and I always leave with a few of those giant rice krispie Mickey heads which are about twelve inches in diameter and stand three inches high. Forget about your waist-line here. The Agrabah Bazaar in Adventureland carries those island type souvenirs and clothes and all a very reasonable prices. Inside Cinderella Castle you’ll find the second Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and next to it is Castle Couture boasting all the finery little Princesses need. In Fantasyland at Tinkerbelle’s Treasures be the first to wake up Tinkerbelle, but you’ll have to get here as soon as the park opens to do that, and don’t miss Hundred Acre Goods as soon as you exit The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, where you’ll find the sweetest items for small children and babies.

At EPCOT, the shopping all around the World Showcase can hold me for days and I always find special trinkets at every gift store. Do you love tea and shortbread? Then over at the United Kingdom pavilion at the Crown and Crest you’ll find those items. Do you wear a lot of leather? Then at Canada’s pavilion you’ll find carts with leather apparel which can be customized for you. Want a Henna tattoo? Or, brass ornaments? Then head over to Morocco. Need more perfume? You’ll find all of the fancy delights over at France, where you can grab a chocolate croissant while gazing at the shops there. Love Rapunzel and Snow White and lots of teddy bears, then Germany’s Der Teddybear-Toyshop is waiting for you and do not miss Karamel Kuche caramel shop in Germany where you’ll find gooey caramel treats and a huge Werther’s candy station, it was even featured in a commercial for Werther’s Candy not too long ago. You’ll find beautiful glassware in Germany as well and don’t miss the Christmas decorations, especially the Pickle Christmas Tree!

At the American Adventure Pavilion, is Heritage Manor Gifts and they have patriotic gifts and souvenirs by region. Silk robes, tea sets and decorations for your home can be found at House of Good Fortune in China, where you can find authentic Venetian masks, wine and Murano ornaments in the Italy pavilion.

Looking for Duffy the Disney Bear and his accessories? Then right between the Ferry boats where the two worlds connect you’ll find Disney Traders. The largest gift shop at EPCOT, with a myriad of items is Mouse Gears. A visit there will not disappoint you. They have a large selection of scrapbook materials, books about Disney, and a large Vinylmation display. The house wares section is substantial as is the fine jewellery section where you’ll find those Dooney and Bourke handbags.

At Disney Hollywood Studios, there are a lot of wonderful stores including an extensive camera supply store. Be sure not to miss Mickey’s of Hollywood for souvenirs and apparel, Keystone Clothiers for Dooney and Bourke handbags, men and women’s clothing and jewellery. Over at Animation courtyard, you’ll find Animation Gallery which houses fine crafts, animation gels and prints, and Disney related books. Star Tours will drop you into an oasis of themed merchandise which will satisfy the Star Wars buffs in your family, and leather hats and other Indiana Jones memorabilia will not disappoint at the Adventure Outpost.

Are you interested in fine African Art and souvenirs? Mombasa Marketplace is a treasure over at Animal Kingdom theme park.

You can shop for anything at Disney, from house wares to jewellery, to ornaments, to apparel, to theme park building replicas, memorabilia, books, accessories, especially the Dooney and Bourke line of handbags, each with their own theme and believe me I’m trying very hard to keep up with the collection. Just when I think I’m done, out comes a new design. The latest popular collectables are the Vinylmations and Duffy the Disney Bear, with changeable outfits for his travels.

Downtown Disney boasts a bountiful and varied assortment of shopping and eateries. Both the Marketplace and the West Side offer goodies for every type of shopper, be it the fashionista or the collector, the children or the Pin Trader.

Crystal Cinderella Castles, Monorail sets, crystal sculptures and figurines, characters, princess outfits, spa goodies, candles and soaps, Vinylmations, handbags, scrapbooks, photo albums, and the list goes on to ‘infinity and beyond’.   Who would think that right in the middle of Florida, under the bright sunshine! Christmas aficionados can find Christmas ornaments of every style and even have a Mickey head Christmas ornament hand decorated with their family name. Just head over to the Days of Christmas where you’ll browse and shop to your hearts content. At the back of the store they have an embroidering station for your special items.  Downtown Disney Marketplace at Animation Gallery, proudly displays Disney’s finest gallery of character sculptures, animation gels, prints and paintings for the collector. Families can delight in designing their own unique T-shirts at Design a Tee, where they can then proudly all wear their T-shirts and display their unique style, making it easier to spot themselves while at the theme parks.

Head over to Goofy’s Candy Company and revel in the gooey brownies, sky high cupcakes or even design your own rice krispie Mickey head while watching it being made, have it boxed to take home or enjoy it right away. Mine never makes it far, it’s so delicious.

For the budget conscious, beside Goofy’s is an Everything for a Dollar store, where you can find knick knacks and park items for a great price. On the other end of the spectrum at Hoypoloi on the West Side you’ll find treasures you can display back at home. Company D boasts a wide selection of urban fashions for women and you can also find those lovely Dooney and Bourke bags there too.

Pin Trading is very popular and Cast Members are always enthusiastic to trade. A large selection of pins can be found right at Downtown Disney at Disney’s Pin Traders as well as pin albums, and lanyards. Be sure to check out the completed framed sets on the wall behind the cashier, all set at reasonable prices and the guesswork is all done for you.

 Legoland boasts giant sea creatures in the Lagoon and has a huge selection of Lego toys, while the Cirque de Soleil Store offers interesting apparel and souvenirs capturing your memories of last nights show. Over at Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories, you can find beautifully themed scrapbooks and supplies to commemorate and share your vacation memories back at home. Not to even mention the treats...and oh what treats, let’s start with chocolate at Ghirardelli’s Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop and the ice-cream and floats there too. The aroma captures you the minute you approach, not letting you go.  If you’re having a little trouble finding the perfect gift, fear not because at Disney’s World of Disney you’ll find whatever you need. It’s the largest store on property, where it even houses Disney’s first Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, which transforms little girls into their favorite Princesses.

For young boys and even older ones too, Ridemakerz is a unique build your own vehicle where you select the body and all the detailing of your vehicle, they even have the characters from the movie, ‘Cars’ there. At night you can catch a movie at the AMC Theaters or head over to Wetzel’s Pretzels for some chewy, carb treats there.

Don’t worry about matching your socks anymore, because at littlemissmatched it doesn’t matter which two socks are on your feet, silly and fun is the rule here.

The resorts themselves boast a variety of resort themed merchandise and apparel, which will remind you of your many good Disney sleeps and fun at your particular resort. Our Mickey Totem Pole from the Wilderness Lodge sits proudly on top of our fireplace and serves as a daily reminder of our wonderful memories at that resort. I also collect Christmas ornaments and magnets from each resort to commemorate our stays.

You can even shop at the Disney Store at Orlando International before you clear Security, in the event that you just had to have that little something before boarding your aircraft.

Whatever it is you need to buy, Disney has it all. Disney also has great customer service and will replace almost any item. Do try to hang on to those receipts as it makes the Cast Member’s life a lot easier and your transaction that much smoother. I remember our water spritzer fan broke and all I had to do was merely mention that to a Cast Member where it was replaced instantly.

If you love the bedding, towels, toiletries and bathrobes at your resort, no problem, there is a room catalogue on your dresser where you can order the fine quality cotton sheets, pillows, bedding accessories, towels and that beautiful Mickey Mouse lamp with the top hat, which I’ve had my eye on for a few years. I’m also waiting for the teacup lamp which is featured at the BoardWalk Villas to go on sale, it’s so adorable. Recently, while at Disneyland’s Paradise Pier resort in California I fell in love with the Mickey lamp there, which had a nautical theme.

Shopping at Walt Disney World is a big high light for me and something I really look forward to, which reminds me of those teacup pillows for sale at the Grand Floridian....hmmmmm.


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